bhut jolokia, habanero, fatalii and thai chillies

Who’s the Hottest Pepper of Them All?

There are varying degrees of “hot” peppers. The impact of using hot and spicy peppers in any recipe can maximize the flavor of the dish and give it a real kick. A naturally occurring substance called capsaicinoids creates a burning sensation in the mouth, as well as watering eyes, a runny nose and perspiration. Further, this heat is rated in “Scoville” units, which indicates the level of capsaicin in the pepper variety. The following is a guide to many recognized […]

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Grow Your Own Jalapenos and Super Hot Peppers in Containers E-book

Grow Hot Peppers Ebook

Have you ever wanted to grow Jalapeños and some of the hottest peppers in the world, such as the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili) or Chocolate Habanero, in containers? You can do this even if you are brand new to pepper growing!

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germinating peppers

Starting Pepper Seeds: Tricks to Get Them to Germinate

If you’ve ever had problems getting your pepper seeds to germinate, this article is for you. Some chile seeds require special handling before they can sprout. Using a few lesser-known techniques, you can get your seeds to germinate quicker than ever before.

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Burpee - Rainbow Peppers
An assortment of chile peppers including Spanish Padron, Piment d'Espelette, Yucatan White Habanero and Cherry Bomb

Pepper varieties come in all kinds of colors, heat levels and sizes. If want to grow chilli plants and don’t know what varieties to select, this article is for you. Read on to discover some of the most popular chile pepper varieties and pick the perfect peppers for your garden.

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Gourmet Chile Sea Salt Set from ThinkGeek

Are you a chilehead that loves pepper products or do you know someone that does? Check out our list of chilihead gift ideas to discover items like spicy hot gourmet sea salts, hot sauce gift sets and even glass chile pepper ornaments! Read on to find out more.

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Purple jalapenos growing on the pepper plant.

Jalapeno peppers varieties come in so many colors, heat levels and growth periods that give you unlimited options for growing chiles. For example, you can grow Jalapenos that are hotter than the average jalapeno pepper, or grow chiles that create a color explosion in your garden. Read on to learn about some of the most popular Jalapeno varieties.

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