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Used Potting Soil: Can You Reuse It for the Next Planting Season?

By Grow Hot Peppers / May 8, 2015

Below is a guest post written by Jane Blanchard at, a home design and remodeling website. Enjoy! Are you looking through last season’s potted plants and wondering if you can reuse the potting soil? Some gardeners opt to start fresh and discard last year’s soil, but this isn’t necessary. Reusing potting soil is a […]


Jalapeno Pepper Basics: Growing Jalapenos 101

By Grow Hot Peppers / November 30, 2012

Jalapeno peppers are one of the most popular and sough-after chillies around. You can grow your own jalapeños so you can try different varieties, like the Purple Jalapeno, and have an unlimited supply all year long! Read on to learn the basics of growing these delicious peppers.


Growing the Habanero Plant

By Grow Hot Peppers / November 1, 2012

Anyone who loves hot sauces or salsas may think of growing the habanero plant. If you can grow tomatoes, you can also grow habanero peppers because their requirements are similar. Origins The habanero chile pepper is one of the hottest chile peppers in the Capsicum family. The unripe fruit is green, though the mature peppers […]

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